"Devotional singing induces in you a desire for experiencing the truth, to glimpse the beauty that is god, to taste the bliss that is the self. It encourages man to dive into himself and be genuinely his real self."

-Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

A weekly devotional service is held at the San Francisco Sai Center every Thursday from 7pm to 9:30pm. 

We start promptly at 7pm with the interfaith prayers followed by devotional singing until 8pm. All are welcome to offer a song to our beloved lord. Devotional singing is followed by Aarthi, Vibuthi service, a service prayer, thought for the day, 3 Omkars, The Gayatri Mantra (x3), 2 minutes of silent meditation, the Asatoma prayer, and peace prayer.

After the devotional program has concluded, a study circle is held from 8:30pm — 9:30pm. We are currently reading Ramakatha Rasavahini in our study circle. All are welcome to participate and contribute.

For more information, contact
Kryshana (Devotional Coordinator)